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Grow beyond the limits with bamboo

Grow beyond the limits with bamboo

In the regions of Asosa, the land is densely populated with bamboo. The residents plant them and take care of the dense forests. The bamboo holds on its strong soil seizing abilities to keep in harmony the slopes and shores combatting with soil erosion. The Gumuz yields the bamboo wood to burn as fuel, while turning them into charcoal pieces and supply across the city.

Surprisingly Asosa is not a state in China neither a part of Asia. It’s a small region in the western part of Ethiopia touching the Sudanese national boundaries. For many people the very first words comes with bamboo is China, nonetheless it’s not just where the Panda dwells, mountain gorillas found in the forest of Rwanda are yet another dwellers of bamboo. Surprisingly the 4% of African forest are bamboo

The bamboo serves as the impotent solution to global decay that is deforestation. In the regions of sub-Saharan dessert majority of people burn fuel for cooking with wood fires. The poorest of class harvest trees to burn fuel for cooking, the class of less poor are the buyers of charcoal obtained from the same woods and hence at annual rate Africa runs towards deforestation to the magnitude of a Switzerland.

According to a Sr. Scientist conducting research on International Forestry brings to light that “Even the most expensive tree woods that can be made into fine carving, inclusive of the rose wood and ebony are burnt to make charcoal”

The rapid deforestation leads to a vicious cycle of dearth and natural decay. The burning wood is the major source of carbon release while deforestation holds up for more or less fifth part of the carbon release across the globe. As soon as the trees are cut down and the land dries up till it becomes barren- hence is the major reason of scarcity in Ethiopia

Well! A major part of burning wood and cooking is an indoor activity, the rise of air pollution at an annual rate held responsible for millions of people among which half of the infants and toddlers are attacked by pneumonia

The bamboo wood and the charcoal produced from the bamboo buyers are a resourceful and cleaner material to burn as fuel rather than wood and charcoal from wood

Bamboo takes the lead over the wood charcoal industry

A hardwood once harvested is gone forever, and take number of years to grow, and for the whole forest may take a few days to cut down and but it may take 100 years to grow greener for the entire forest. However, for bamboo it’s a grass and provided with the suitable environment it grows full meter every day that you can have the pleasant sight of it growing. The plant is rapid in maturing for the bamboo matures every three to six years varying as per their types

The best part bamboo has the strong abilities to revive on the contrary to hardwood trees these bamboos replenish after being cut similar to grass rise after given a nice trim. As it matures one can harvest bamboo every year till the plant lives

Other rewards the bamboo tree brings to man kind

The soil grabbing roots of bamboo once placed at the riverbank or sloppy lands averts from soil erosions and mud slides. While bamboo is illiberal to the Africa’s most scarce resource water

“The African region highly demands firewood, fuel, strives to prevent soil erosion, increase water supply while generative revenues and creating employment, bamboo is the right choice, it can give you more of it” Dr. Chin Ong Sr. Scientist at the World Agroforestry center

All you need to know about party maxi dresses

All you need to know about party maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are an all-rounder outfit. You can dress it up with junk accessories or just dress it down with minimal makeup and accessories. These can be worn almost throughout the year. Be it winter or summer you can wear a maxi dress, and it never goes out of style.

For parties these are one of the best options. Party wears maxi dresses for women are one of the best options to dress up for any sort of parties. But there are numerous designs in them as well. Here is the list of all types of party wear maxi dresses for women you choose for yourself-

  1. Ball gowns-

These are dresses with fitted bodice. It flairs at the waist with a skirt touching the floor. It can be worn by all women irrespective of body types. It looks great on pears which hide the lower body.

  1. Mermaid gowns-

This type of gowns are very trendy. It is fitted till the knee or calves and then it tapers to become a skirt. It looks stunning with a low cut back and curvature of back and hips. It looks amazing on pear-shaped women.

  1. Empire-waist gowns-

It gives a royal look. It has a high waistline just below the breast. It hides the tummy. It looks beautiful on the diamond and pear-shaped women. It looks great when you wear it irrespective of the body sizes.

  1. A-line gowns-

It is elegant and very simple. It suits all body sizes. It has got fitted bodice till the waistline and flows to the ground like an A. It is best for New Year’s parties and can be worn as bridesmaid dresses like a minimalist silhouette.

  1. Modified A-line gowns-

This is a modified version of A-line dresses. It fits on bodice and hips. It flares to the hem like an A shape. This gown is perfect for those with a shaped waist like an hourglass. It looks amazing on pear shaped women. Rectangular shaped ladies can wear it with a belt.

  1. Trumpet gowns-

This type of gown is fitted through the body and flares at the thighs. It is great for hour glass and petite women who have a small waist. Pear shaped bodied women can avoid it. The flare will give a balanced effect to strawberry shaped women.

  1. Sheath gowns-

This type of gown has a straight silhouette. It straight goes down from hip to hem with little or no flare. It looks very attractive when a little flare is added which creates tapering at the heels and becomes a long trail. It is the best option for petites and hourglass shaped women.

If you are confused about what to wear on an important occasion, the gown is the best option. There are online shops which sell red, blue, black and white maxi evening gown. There are options to choose from a variety of gowns based on embellishments, different colors and fabrics.

One of the best fish fry place in delhi

One of the best fish fry place in delhi

Fried fish refers to any fish that has been prepared by frying. Often, the fish is covered in batter, or flour, or herbs and spices before being fried and served with a slice of lemon. Fish is fried in most parts of the world, and fried fish is an important food in many cuisines. Some of the most popular choices for making fish fry are: Rohu fish, Basa fish, Pomfret fish, Bhetki fish, Morola fish and more.

In India, fried fish is a popular street food option. Now that winters are here, the fish fry season is also back! Don’t we all love binging on some deep fried fish fry in these chilly winters? With some onions, lemon and good old green chutney, it makes for a healthy & filling meal!

Ganesh Restaurant is one of the most popular street food joints in Delhi for hogging on some crispy & hot fish fry! This 67 year old restaurant is located in the busy marketplace of Karol Bagh and is crowded most of the times and is famous for its fried non-vegetarian items like Egg Pakora, Fish Fry and Tandoori Chicken at nominal prices. Their fish fry is crisp and flavourful and one should definitely try it. Their fish fry is available with bones and without bones as well. It comprises of large pieces of fish which is perfectly fried and crisp on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside! Have these with their mint chutney and onions and you are sorted! One can also try their egg pakoras and tandoori chicken which also are winners at this street food joint, besides their fish fry. The tandoori chicken is perfectly cooked and soft at the same time, while the egg pakoras are also fried with boiled eggs covered with besan and then deep fried in oil. One cannot resist by looking at the sight of the golden egg pakoras being deep fried. What more would you ask when it comes to some desi street food!

However, the special thing about this street food joint & their fried fish is that the owner makes the fish fry with his BARE HANDS! And he hasn’t burnt his hands even once! That is quite something, right? Shri Prem Singh was handling this shop till sometime back and now his son has taken over. The practice was started by Prem Singh’s father. Now the third generation is running this small street food outlet.

This takeaway street food joint tucked in the bylanes of Karol Bagh is truly a saviour for all hungry foodies like us! Hence, we decided to do a fried fish eating challenge here! Our Dilli ke Mushtande, Rohit & Abhishek, went to this iconic restaurant for a fried fish eating challenge!

Watch our food challenge video to know who won this fried fish eating challenge!

Rohit & Abhishek are 2 Delhi dudes who are big time foodies & office buddies. They love to explore different food spots in the city & challenge each other in fun (but difficult) food challenges. These funny food challenges are a test to see who makes it to the end and who messes up (literally!). And they really, really hate that painful punishment right in the end. BUT, when such food challenges come their way, there’s only one thing they say: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! That’s the beauty of an EatTreat Food Challenge!


Dress codes for a wedding and their meanings

Dress codes for a wedding and their meanings

Are you planning your wedding? Then the dress code is the first thing that comes to your mind. But not sure what dress code to choose? Here is the solution for dress codes in your wedding party that you can choose from and make your wedding a memorable one.

Whatever the wedding is, light pink elegant dresses, are preferable by every woman to wear on wedding invitations. This is because pink looks subtle at every wedding party and it is every, first love.

I am going to help you in understanding the different dress codes and the meaning they hold for wedding parties. Here are the dress codes and their meanings.

Image source: Pinterest


  • Smart casual

An informal wedding is one kind where smart casuals are preferred. The smart casual is referred to as neat, clean and conventional style with a touch of informal style. This option has a wide scope for clothing choices as it looks neither overly casual nor overly dressed.

  • Cocktail

A semi-formal wedding is where a cocktail dress code is most preferable. A cocktail dress code is not very formal but little funky that makes it a step above any smart casual. It can be colorful also depending on the mood.

  • Jacket and tie

A semi-formal wedding is one where a jacket and tie is chosen as dress code. This dress code looks more formal in a semi-formal wedding and it is similar to lounge dresses. A tie is must in this dress code whereas in a cocktail it is optional.

  • Lounge suit

A daytime wedding that is semi-formal looks best when a lounge suit dress is chosen as dress code. This dress code refers to traditional English style and it is suited more for men instead of women.

Image source: Pinterest

  • Morning suit

The male members of the bridal party are more preferred more for morning suits rather than the wedding guests. A formal wedding at daytime requires a dress code of morning suits as it gives a more royal look to a wedding.

  • Formal

A formal dress code gives a perfect look for any wedding that looks pleasant to eyes. It comes between black tie and cocktail.

  • Black tie

This dress code is optional where it is optional for the guests to wear dress according to this dress code. A dark suit with a tie for men and a gown or dress for women is a black ties dress code.

  • White tie

The evening wedding is something where the white tie dress code opts and it is well suited for the party.

The dress code makes every wedding stylish and charming that looks nice. Among all the dress codes, light pink elegant dresses are the most common dress code that is seen in every wedding invitation. However, one can explore all the dress codes to make their wedding day as per their choice. You will love to have dress codes at your wedding as a theme that will lighten the weeding environment.


High Quality Super Bowl Rings at Affordable Prices

High Quality Super Bowl Rings at Affordable Prices

Football is one of the most widely played and watched games in America. Almost every American sits in front of his TV set and watches the tournament when the National Football League tournament is on. Every match gets thrilling and exciting. Fans get pretty excited when their favorite teams win the match.

Image source: Amazon

When it comes to supporting their favorite NFL teams, fans do everything they can. They buy their favorite team’s t-shirts, accessories and replica rings to show what they like. The same thing New England Patriots fans do, which is one of the most popular teams that participate in Super Bowl.

Get Patriots super bowl rings online:

Fans struggle a lot to find top quality champions rings, when they want to buy for themselves and also for presenting as a gift. You will not face those problems if you decide to get it online. You should go online and search patriots super bowl rings for sale. You will find a perfect platform for buying wonderful rings at affordable costs.

Although numerous land-based retailers provide super bowl rings, the quality of those rings is not pretty impressive. You can hold the ring and immediately recognize the poor construction process and material used to prepare that ring. The online retailers provide highest quality rings designed to look exactly like an original one.

You might be wondering that you will have to spend a lot of money for buying such high-quality replicas of super bowl rings. Fortunately, you will not need a lot of money because online retailers offer super bowl rings for sale at very competitive prices. You will spend less and get the best rings delivered to your home.

Get custom designed rings:

In addition to Patriots rings and other Super Bowl team rings, you can also get custom championship rings designed. An offline retailer may not provide the best support for custom rings but an online retailer can certainly provide the best options.

Image source: Nbcsports

You can select the design of the ring, the material and then shape to get top quality rings designed. Suppose there is a tournament in your institution or town, you can fill some simple details and get unique champions rings designed for that specific tournament. The players and audience would love to buy these rings.

It was not easy to buy original-type Super Bowl rings before but now you have a choice of buying it online. So, take advantage of new opportunities and get your favorite Super Bowl rings online.