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Dress codes for a wedding and their meanings

Dress codes for a wedding and their meanings

Are you planning your wedding? Then the dress code is the first thing that comes to your mind. But not sure what dress code to choose? Here is the solution for dress codes in your wedding party that you can choose from and make your wedding a memorable one.

Whatever the wedding is, light pink elegant dresses, are preferable by every woman to wear on wedding invitations. This is because pink looks subtle at every wedding party and it is every, first love.

I am going to help you in understanding the different dress codes and the meaning they hold for wedding parties. Here are the dress codes and their meanings.

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  • Smart casual

An informal wedding is one kind where smart casuals are preferred. The smart casual is referred to as neat, clean and conventional style with a touch of informal style. This option has a wide scope for clothing choices as it looks neither overly casual nor overly dressed.

  • Cocktail

A semi-formal wedding is where a cocktail dress code is most preferable. A cocktail dress code is not very formal but little funky that makes it a step above any smart casual. It can be colorful also depending on the mood.

  • Jacket and tie

A semi-formal wedding is one where a jacket and tie is chosen as dress code. This dress code looks more formal in a semi-formal wedding and it is similar to lounge dresses. A tie is must in this dress code whereas in a cocktail it is optional.

  • Lounge suit

A daytime wedding that is semi-formal looks best when a lounge suit dress is chosen as dress code. This dress code refers to traditional English style and it is suited more for men instead of women.

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  • Morning suit

The male members of the bridal party are more preferred more for morning suits rather than the wedding guests. A formal wedding at daytime requires a dress code of morning suits as it gives a more royal look to a wedding.

  • Formal

A formal dress code gives a perfect look for any wedding that looks pleasant to eyes. It comes between black tie and cocktail.

  • Black tie

This dress code is optional where it is optional for the guests to wear dress according to this dress code. A dark suit with a tie for men and a gown or dress for women is a black ties dress code.

  • White tie

The evening wedding is something where the white tie dress code opts and it is well suited for the party.

The dress code makes every wedding stylish and charming that looks nice. Among all the dress codes, light pink elegant dresses are the most common dress code that is seen in every wedding invitation. However, one can explore all the dress codes to make their wedding day as per their choice. You will love to have dress codes at your wedding as a theme that will lighten the weeding environment.


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High Quality Super Bowl Rings at Affordable Prices

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