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Grow beyond the limits with bamboo

Grow beyond the limits with bamboo

In the regions of Asosa, the land is densely populated with bamboo. The residents plant them and take care of the dense forests. The bamboo holds on its strong soil seizing abilities to keep in harmony the slopes and shores combatting with soil erosion. The Gumuz yields the bamboo wood to burn as fuel, while turning them into charcoal pieces and supply across the city.

Surprisingly Asosa is not a state in China neither a part of Asia. It’s a small region in the western part of Ethiopia touching the Sudanese national boundaries. For many people the very first words comes with bamboo is China, nonetheless it’s not just where the Panda dwells, mountain gorillas found in the forest of Rwanda are yet another dwellers of bamboo. Surprisingly the 4% of African forest are bamboo

The bamboo serves as the impotent solution to global decay that is deforestation. In the regions of sub-Saharan dessert majority of people burn fuel for cooking with wood fires. The poorest of class harvest trees to burn fuel for cooking, the class of less poor are the buyers of charcoal obtained from the same woods and hence at annual rate Africa runs towards deforestation to the magnitude of a Switzerland.

According to a Sr. Scientist conducting research on International Forestry brings to light that “Even the most expensive tree woods that can be made into fine carving, inclusive of the rose wood and ebony are burnt to make charcoal”

The rapid deforestation leads to a vicious cycle of dearth and natural decay. The burning wood is the major source of carbon release while deforestation holds up for more or less fifth part of the carbon release across the globe. As soon as the trees are cut down and the land dries up till it becomes barren- hence is the major reason of scarcity in Ethiopia

Well! A major part of burning wood and cooking is an indoor activity, the rise of air pollution at an annual rate held responsible for millions of people among which half of the infants and toddlers are attacked by pneumonia

The bamboo wood and the charcoal produced from the bamboo buyers are a resourceful and cleaner material to burn as fuel rather than wood and charcoal from wood

Bamboo takes the lead over the wood charcoal industry

A hardwood once harvested is gone forever, and take number of years to grow, and for the whole forest may take a few days to cut down and but it may take 100 years to grow greener for the entire forest. However, for bamboo it’s a grass and provided with the suitable environment it grows full meter every day that you can have the pleasant sight of it growing. The plant is rapid in maturing for the bamboo matures every three to six years varying as per their types

The best part bamboo has the strong abilities to revive on the contrary to hardwood trees these bamboos replenish after being cut similar to grass rise after given a nice trim. As it matures one can harvest bamboo every year till the plant lives

Other rewards the bamboo tree brings to man kind

The soil grabbing roots of bamboo once placed at the riverbank or sloppy lands averts from soil erosions and mud slides. While bamboo is illiberal to the Africa’s most scarce resource water

“The African region highly demands firewood, fuel, strives to prevent soil erosion, increase water supply while generative revenues and creating employment, bamboo is the right choice, it can give you more of it” Dr. Chin Ong Sr. Scientist at the World Agroforestry center