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One of the best fish fry place in delhi

One of the best fish fry place in delhi

Fried fish refers to any fish that has been prepared by frying. Often, the fish is covered in batter, or flour, or herbs and spices before being fried and served with a slice of lemon. Fish is fried in most parts of the world, and fried fish is an important food in many cuisines. Some of the most popular choices for making fish fry are: Rohu fish, Basa fish, Pomfret fish, Bhetki fish, Morola fish and more.

In India, fried fish is a popular street food option. Now that winters are here, the fish fry season is also back! Don’t we all love binging on some deep fried fish fry in these chilly winters? With some onions, lemon and good old green chutney, it makes for a healthy & filling meal!

Ganesh Restaurant is one of the most popular street food joints in Delhi for hogging on some crispy & hot fish fry! This 67 year old restaurant is located in the busy marketplace of Karol Bagh and is crowded most of the times and is famous for its fried non-vegetarian items like Egg Pakora, Fish Fry and Tandoori Chicken at nominal prices. Their fish fry is crisp and flavourful and one should definitely try it. Their fish fry is available with bones and without bones as well. It comprises of large pieces of fish which is perfectly fried and crisp on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside! Have these with their mint chutney and onions and you are sorted! One can also try their egg pakoras and tandoori chicken which also are winners at this street food joint, besides their fish fry. The tandoori chicken is perfectly cooked and soft at the same time, while the egg pakoras are also fried with boiled eggs covered with besan and then deep fried in oil. One cannot resist by looking at the sight of the golden egg pakoras being deep fried. What more would you ask when it comes to some desi street food!

However, the special thing about this street food joint & their fried fish is that the owner makes the fish fry with his BARE HANDS! And he hasn’t burnt his hands even once! That is quite something, right? Shri Prem Singh was handling this shop till sometime back and now his son has taken over. The practice was started by Prem Singh’s father. Now the third generation is running this small street food outlet.

This takeaway street food joint tucked in the bylanes of Karol Bagh is truly a saviour for all hungry foodies like us! Hence, we decided to do a fried fish eating challenge here! Our Dilli ke Mushtande, Rohit & Abhishek, went to this iconic restaurant for a fried fish eating challenge!

Watch our food challenge video to know who won this fried fish eating challenge!

Rohit & Abhishek are 2 Delhi dudes who are big time foodies & office buddies. They love to explore different food spots in the city & challenge each other in fun (but difficult) food challenges. These funny food challenges are a test to see who makes it to the end and who messes up (literally!). And they really, really hate that painful punishment right in the end. BUT, when such food challenges come their way, there’s only one thing they say: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! That’s the beauty of an EatTreat Food Challenge!